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"Fragments" is a multimedia process of ancestral re-membering.

Music and film become the container for the artist's quest to recover the stories and strengths of their Jewish ancestors who migrated from Romania to Minneapolis at the turn of the 20th century. "Fragments" challenges linear space-time to illuminate the past through the present and invite the audience into the questions:

Can anything truly be lost?
How do we remember what's been forgotten?
What if the fragments are enough?

Queering Jewish Diasporas
Oakland, CA
May 2019

Performance and installation in Queering Jewish Diasporas: Nonzionist Imaginaries. Show produced by Faryn Borella.

This song was created in collaboration with participants in Cedar’s installation. Participants recorded their stories into a voice recorder with the prompts “What I know…”, “What I want to know…”, and “Why it matters…”. Cedar used a vocal looper to weave them together with ambient vocals.

Stories of my Great-Great-Grandmother

Excerpt from performance at Queering Jewish Diasporas, May 2019.
“Fragments” performances flow between music, film, storytelling and participatory circle dance.